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We are offering Solutions

We are producing equipments which is makes easier mechanics jobs.

Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Cleaning

We produce machines that clean diesel particulate filters. Our machines clean and renew diesel particulate filters, so you do not need to buy new DPF with high costs or have to illegal remove DPF.

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Gasoline&Diesel Catalytic Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, catalytics can also be cleaned, especially it is believed that gasoline catalytics cannot be cleaned because they are clogged with carbon. EMIRMAK catalytic cleaning machine makes gasoline catalytic cleaning possible.

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Parts Washer Machines for Remanufacturers

We offer parts washing solutions for remanufacturers. The machines we produce facilitate cleaning before revision. Some sectors we offer solutions for are; engine rebuild, turbo rebuild, fuel system rebuild

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Fuel Injector&Injection Puller Tools

Removing injectors and injections can be very difficult and impossible in some vehicles. We produce special injector removal tools for some vehicles to make this easier.

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DPF Cleaning Machine

We offer a unique method for DPF and catalytic cleaning. With our EMIRMAK DPF cleaning machines, you can clean DPF and catalysts in an average of 1 hour without needing any other equipment. In addition, our EMIRMAK DPF cleaning machines have functions such as drying and back pressure testing in addition to cleaning, so you can provide all DPF cleaning services with a single equipment.

Visible effect before and after DPF cleaning

Why Choose Us?

Long Time Experience

EMIRMAK has 15 years of experience in DPF cleaning and more than 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning systems. So our cleaning methods tried thousands time and all is was succesfull.So you dont have to lose time with other options you can buy a EMIRMAK and make eaiser your job.

Always avaliable

We are always available for your after-sales or pre-sales questions and problems. When you want to purchase an equipment or service, the most important thing you should pay attention to is the accessibility of the supplier or service provider. EMIRMAK is always available 24/7.

Professional and responsible

EMIRMAK has always offered professional solutions in the automotive industry with its 30 years of experience. We work with a focus on customer feedback, and we produce standard equipment and special order equipment in line with our customers' suggestions and requests.