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EMR05 DPF Cleaning Machine

EMR05 DPF Cleaning Machine

Our product is especially designed to clean the clogged diesel particle filter, catalytic converter and all filters like that found in diesel vehicles with hot water and chemicals..

It consists of two stages, hot and cold. Sufficient amount of chemical is added to the water which is raised to 60 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes in the liquid reservoir with a 2500 Watt resistance. Hot chemical and water sucked with the help of a motor is passed through pipes and particle filter, and at the same time, the particle filter is struck by the water flow rate. Chemical water coming out of the particle filter passes through the filter and reaches the liquid reservoir.In addition, the water flow is supported by air pulse at certain intervals , this air pulse working automaticly but we puted one manual valve left side of the machine so when you wanna you can run air pulse by turn the this valve.

EMR05 is a very useful price performance solution for dpf & catalytic cleaning. Also, since the machine is not heavy and large, it is suitable for mobile service.

Economic dpf catalytic cleaning solution for small automobile repair shop and mobile automobile repair services.

EMR05 DPF Cleaning Machine
EMR05 DPF Cleaning Machine
Spefications EMR05 DPF Cleaning Machine
Electricty V/P/F 220V/1P/50HZ
Max Power Compsution 5 KW
Tank Capacity 21 LT
Pump Bar/Flow 6 Bar - 8m3/h
Heater 2x 2500 watt
Air supply 8 Bar