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EMR98 Compact

EMR98 Compact DPF Cleaning Machine

The EMR DPF Cleaning Machine performs the entire cleaning process using the force of water and is suitable for all cars and light commercial vehicles. EMR DPF Cleaner Machine offers the only effective solution for DPF cleaning with a unique system that guarantees complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter. Our technology is different from other products on the market because it allows you to clean all kinds of particulate filters for cars (including Euro 6), including cars and light commercials. This innovative equipment is designed so that you can do the entire cleaning cycle (washing,drying and dpf backpressure test) with just one machine. For this reason, the cleaning process is faster and cheaper than the others. The EMR DPF Cleaner Machine allows DPF to recover up to 98% of its original repair, saving you from expensive repairs or replacing DPF. EMR DPF Cleaner Machine makes it easy to work, you don't need to cut, cook and weld the cut litter, you don't need to immerse the ultrasound in an ultrasonic tank and then put it in an oven. Just place DPF in EMR DPF Cleaner Machine, press START and wait. Once the cycle is finished, simply remove the clean DPF and give it to the customer. With the compact model, you can clean the diesel particulate filters of all vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Compact model has 7 inch touch screen, all processes are controlled and monitored on this screen.Also, from these tests, Adjustable Pump flow pressure provides more efficient and safe dpf and catalytic cleaning.

EMR05 Radiator & Intercooler & Heater Core Cleaner Machine
Spefications Compact DPF Cleaning Machine
Electricty V/P/F 380V/3P/50-60HZ
Max Power Compsution 17 KW
Tank Capacity 100 LT
Pump Bar/Flow 16 Bar - 10m3/h
Heater 7.5 KW
Air supply 8 Bar
DRY System Temp 120°C
DPF/Catalytic Pollution Measurement Back Pressure Measurement / Thermal Printer
Operator Panel 7" Touchscreen
Filtratation System 2pcs special cartrige filter and manometer
External Dimensions H: 202 cm W: 90 cm L: 175 cm
Washing Area Dimensions H: 142 cm W: 65 cm L: 120 cm