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We offer solution for clogged DPFs.

We use the power of nature

We produce industrial equipment from the possibilities that nature offers us.Our team works with user focus and aims to reduce the most workforce.We have been making special production for 20 years, we have been producing solutions for clogged DPFs for the last 8 years.

We are not the first manufacturer of DPF cleaning machines, but our machine is different from the other products in the market with a single machine performs DPF cleaning test and drying.We produce machines of different sizes to clean the Catalytic Converter, DPF, FAP, SCR so that the automotive service can buy machines for the automotive, and the small services do not have to pay more.

We have cleaned DPF, FAP, SCRs that have been clogged since 2010, we have a lot of experience in this process and have continuously developed EMR DPF Cleaner models.We have a lot of customers in the world and we have solved the problems of the drivers of the vehicles with the our customer.

Washing areas and mechanical parts of our machines are stainless..We are looking for friends who will promote our brand and help drivers to solve their DPF problems.Contact us and let's solve the problem of drivers of vehicles together.